Mitch Hedberg (mhedberg) wrote,
Mitch Hedberg

Do robots like potato salad? This is a question that has plagued man since the invention of potato salad. Unfortunately, it will remain unanswered until technology is able to develop a robot that will not refuse an invitation to a picnic. Robots, unlike humans, have no time for recreational activities. They lead busy, productive lives that ultimately lead to conditions such as ulcers and high blood pressure. They die, bitter, at relatively young ages regretting that they didn’t spend more time with their families - which is strange because they don’t have families. In some parts of the world it is considered taboo to offer potato salad to a robot. But here, in the US, they will merely partially-rotate their heads 3.6 times and respond with a cordial “NEGATIVE” or, in some part of the Southeast, “NEGATORY, AMIABLE COMPANION.”
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